teacher giving lecture in classroom

All students will become good writers and successful thinkers!  JSWP® provides teacher support and training to make this happen for all students.

After the implementation and integration of JSWP® within your instructions practices, the following benefits will occur:

  • Your students will demonstrate growth in writing both through classroom assignments and state assessment scores;
  • Your confidence and abilities within the teaching of writing will become strong and an asset to your professional skill set;
  • You will possess “best practices” and exemplar instructional strategies for the teaching of writing, critical thinking and graphic organizers of information.

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Services Offered

  • ELA Modes of Writing
  • Academic Writing in Subject Content Areas
  • English Language Learner Academic Vocabulary and Writing Skill Development
  • Learning Support & Special Education Writing SKill
  • Development
  • Become a JSWP Trainer within your School
  • Skill Based Webinars
  • Independent Courses
  • Curricular Units of Study
  • Classroom Materials
  • JSWP On-Line Digital
  • JSWP Google Docs