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Register, Attend, and Enjoy OnLine Trainer-the-Trainer Institute Part II: Expository/Informational Writing Across-the-Curriculum
begins October 26, 2020

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Dr. Louis’ newest start-the-year video


Dr. Louis provides a flipped introduction to students regarding the color-coded JSWP terminology of writing an academic body paragraph for the Expository/Informational mode of discourse.

Options for Implementation:

Watch the video and teach the lesson yourself.
Team teach with Dr. Louis. You teach, she teaches, it’s a collaboration!
Great for absent students to view and follow when they return to class.


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Popular Workshops & Live Webinars

Since 1984, the Jane Schaffer Writing Program® (JSWP) has been providing professional development for school districts and campuses across the nation. Interactive and focused on pragmatic teaching environments and productive coaching techniques, the JSWP team of experts model Jane's methodology and then guide teachers to write and practice the skills they have just learned while instructors answer questions and differentiate for special populations, just as we all do in the classroom with our own students. Teachers apply their understanding of combining details and analysis in order to produce effective paragraphs and essays. We believe in the gradual release of responsibility approach to teaching as the best way for teachers and their students to master the concepts in the Jane Schaffer Writing Program.
You may select from successful and updated modules or work with our staff to customize workshops, webinars, and job-embedded demonstration models. We provide single trainings or a continuous cycle of learning for your staff.
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Brick-n-Mortar Private Workshops
  • Up to 35 teachers
  • 6-8 hours per day
  • Discount on consecutive days
  • Customized to facilitate needs of district or campus
  • Private
  • Request A Training.
    Brick-n-Mortar Public Workshops
    • Major cities
    • 6-8 hours per day
    • No maximum number of participants
    • Open to the Public
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      Jane Schaffer Webinars (Live)
      • Materials included
      • Up to 100 teachers
      • 90 minute sessions per week
      • Typically, 5 sessions
      • No substitutes required
      • Open to the public
      • Click Here.
        Self-Paced (Flipped) PD
        • Taped webinar
        • Up to 50 teachers
        • 90-day subscription
        • Private
        • Good for PLCs, Individual Review
        • Click Here.
          Train-the-Trainer (Live OnSite)
          • Materials included
          • Small groups (Less than ten participants)
          • 12 days intensive study over the course of a school year
          • Have your own onsite trainer
          • Open to the public
          • Dallas or Los Angeles
          • Enter at any segment
          • Click Here.

            This Month's Featured Guide

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            The Great Gatsby


            This curriculum unit includes tested and proven materials for teaching The Great Gatsby to high school students. We have developed it to offer teachers a unit on one of the most frequently taught works in American literature.
            The Great Gatsby can be taught in one of several ways. Some teachers give it as homework to be finished by a specific date; others have students read it by chapters; still others read it aloud with less skilled readers. All of these approaches work. You will notice that the sample time line suggests a five-week unit. This is the format we often use with the novel, but we have done it in a variety of other sequences. We hope that these materials will make the teacher’s job easier and more productive.

            Click Here for More Information

            Use Coupon Code FEATURE for 15% Off

            Teaching with Dr. Louis

            A Blog devoted to working with teachers and improving students' skills and scores.

            Dr. Deborah E. Louis
            September 11, 2020

            eTeaching Action Plan

            Dr. Deborah E. Louis
            July 23, 2020

            Part II of IV: OnLine Lessons On-Demand by Dr. Louis

            Dr. Deborah E. Louis
            July 22, 2020

            Part I of IV: OnLine Lessons On-Demand by Dr. Louis

            What Educators Say

            How educators respond to Jane Schaffer® professional learning and products

            Educational Specialist — LAUSD, CA

            There will be no more blank stares when you give a writing prompt. This program can be implemented as classroom units of instruction with varying skill levels or on a case-by-case basis, tailored to each learner’s specific needs. The greatest gift we can give our students is a voice. This program helps them develop and master their voice in communicating their ideas.



            Cindy — Educator

            Each year my former high school students return from college excited that the Jane Schaffer Writing Program® prepared them so well for university-level work. The multi-paragraph essay unit works with all levels of students.


            Teacher — Los Angeles County Office of Education

             The JS formula is a place to start with students who need clarity and structure to write a cohesive paragraph and then an essay.



            Mr. Cameron — High School Teacher

            I have found that my low-performing students were dramatically helped by this [writing] method. One young woman, a refugee from Somalia, received a “3” on a 1-4 scale. This was the highest she had ever scored on an assessment, and she did it by following all of the Jane Schaffer steps. Her pride was inspiring. Another young lady, who has never received a score higher than a “1” on an assessment scored a “4.” And when I told her in the hallway, she ran to tell two of her friends. So thank you for inspiring this older teacher and his students to achieve success.


            OnSite Trainer — Valley Village, CA

            This program has greatly assisted my students by providing a memorable formula for breaking down essay writing into manageable chunks. [. . .] Through this process we dissect whether our word choices are either “healthy” words or “junk food” words. I have found this method to greatly assist elementary children in choosing descriptive words that best convey the message, while also spicing up their writing. It also makes writing a lot of fun for kids!


            Dr. Matt Oberst — Principal

            The Jane Schaffer Writing® Methodology provides a framework to better allow all students to understand the specific elements of writing in different modes. This includes the understanding of various types of transitions, sentences, quotations, commentary, paragraphs, organization, and much more. The Jane Schaffer Writing methodology receives my very highest recommendation.

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