Paperless Jane Schaffer is a web-based application of the Jane Schaffer Academic Writing Program®. Copy and paste the teacher’s writing prompt, and the program guides you through each step of the digital graphic organizers, from Gathering CDs to Generating Commentary to Shaping to Final Draft. Then, voila! Before you know it, you have a logical, organized paragraph. Combine paragraphs into final essays, and store both paragraphs and essays into an electronic portfolio.

Teachers may use the program to present models and the writing process. Store your work in your own Teacher Portfolio. Students may create paragraphs and essays and submit these compilations to their teachers, who, in turn, may provide feedback and/or assess the submission. Whether you are a teacher, presenting the steps of the process; a student, creating a paragraph or essay for a writing assignment; or, a business person, constructing a proposal, this digital program guides the writer through the thinking process of writing.

No more blank stares. No more blank paper. We take the mystery out of formal writing.

“All Students Can Think;
All Students Can Write!”

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Main Features:

  • Login with a Secure Username and password Select from The Four Modes of Discourse
    • Argumentation
    • Expository/Informational Writing Across-the-Curriculum
    • Narrative
    • Response to Literature
    • Keep the Writing Prompt Front and Center
      • Follow the Jane Schaffer Color Coded Writing Process
        • Gather concrete details (CDs)
        • Develop the topic sentence (TS)
        • Generate commentary (CM)
        • Create a concluding sentence (CS)
        • Build an introduction with a thesis statement
        • Build a conclusion with an impact
  • Edit and Revise
  • Save and Print
  • Combine Paragraphs into Essays
  • Submit Your Work to a Teacher
    • Receive comments
    • Edit and revise
    • Resubmit
    • Earn a grade
  • Delete and Add New Assignments
  • Create and Manage a Writing Portfolio

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