Teaching Expository/Informational Writing: Summarizing and Analyzing Non-Fiction Text, including the Research Paper

This workshop is two days, 5 hours each day (not including lunch). Day 1 is a prerequisite to Day 2. The morning of Day 1 covers part of the same content as Teaching the Paragraph in ELA and Content-Area Classes; the afternoon covers text-based summary and analysis ofexpository selections.
Teachers learn how to approach expository/informational/non-fiction text, analyze the organization, tone, and purpose ofpassages, and develop the
research paper. This workshop is appropriate for teachers who assign research papers; it is not appropriate for all staff.

Day 1 covers the following:

  • Reading expository/informational text and writing both summary and analytical paragraphs

Day 2 covers the following:

  • Writing the Research Paper, short and long versions

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