Teaching the Response to Literature Paragraph and Essay

This workshop is three days, 5 hours each day (not including lunch); Day 1 is a prerequisite for Days 2 and 3. Teachers learn how to teach the literary analysis/response to literature paragraph and essay.

Day 1 covers the following:

  • Terminology
  • Response to literature paragraph
  • Graphic organizers
  • Shared writing
  • 1~1 conferencing
  • Sample timelines/pacing plans

Day 2 covers the following:

  • Prompt construction
  • Response to literature essays, focusing on introductions, thesis sentences, and conclusions
  • Scaffolding
  • Ways to reduce grading time
  • Revising and editing
  • Weaving/leaving the formula behind

Day 3 covers the following:

  • Two-chunk response to literature paragraphs
  • Quotations and lead-ins
  • Response to literature essay, 3 other types
  • Vertical teaming for mastery ofthe elements of composition

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