STAAR® 4th Grade and 7th Grade


The guide begins with a brief introduction of the Jane Schaffer Writing Program®’s (JSWP) methodology, including correct and official instructional delivery and student application of terminology, color-coding, chunking, and ratios.With the foundation intact, ELA teachers may train students to approach annotating the STAAR®'s multiple-choice passages with the same color-coding that we apply in the writing. Knowing how to infer tone and meaning depends on close reading strategies. In our two-day workshop, we provide teachers with strategies and practice on the annotation of texts.JSWP’s Shaping Sheet is a popular graphic organizer that assists students in learning how to effectively edit, revise, and proof in their own writing and transfer that knowledge to the editing and revising section of the STAAR.Then, we move to the Expository essay. We begin with "You Know More Than You Think You Do," a weekly or bimonthly activity that prepares students to write on various historical, cultural, literary, political, personal, scientific, and sports-related topics to answer any prompt (HELPPSS). Then, students learn how to produce concrete details and comment on those details. Teachers receive models and instructions on our proven approach to teaching the brainstorming, planning, thinking, and writing process that results in high scores on the 26-line Expository essay.Guide: 72 pagesGraphic Organizers: 20 pages“Thanks, Jane Schaffer Writing Program®, for helping Rising Scholars Academy of South Texas reach our 97% success story!” – Lucinda Zamora Wiley, Department ChairSuccess on STAAR begins with the Jane Schaffer Writing Program®.