Google Docs Templates – JSWP® Graphic Organizers Set of Four


Jane Schaffer Writing Program offers its Graphic Organizers in the form of Google Docs Templates. Teachers will receive the renowned steps in the process as well as a video tutorial by national JSWP Trainer, Lauren Quient.

  • Argumentation Graphic Organizers
  • Expository/Informational Writing Across-the-Curriculum Graphic Organizers
  • Narrative Graphic Organizers
  • Response to Literature Graphic Organizers
  • SUBSTITUTION – Direct tool substitute with no functional change; AND
  • AUGMENTATION – Direct tool substitute with functional improvement (collaboration, digital records, digital organization)

Please allow 24 hours for digital delivery. To share with your students, you’ll make a copy.

Order the templates for each of your teachers on your campus!

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Terms of Agreement: Please honor the integrity of our relationship by sharing these documents with your students only. We have priced the product so that it is affordable for teachers to purchase on an individual basis. By purchasing this product, you agree to share this template with the students on your class roster. Thank you for working with us to provide you with digital materials.

Acceptable Use Policy

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