Confer® Mentoring Program

The Confer® Mentoring Program has pioneered the process of pairing educators with experienced master teachers who have strong track records of success in the classroom. We offer continuing professional education courses for elementary and secondary school teachers.

The Confer® program covers an entire school year, pairing a Catalyst Mentor with a cohort of Master Teacher Candidates or one Master Teacher Candidate, so named to inspire and set the bar in achieving Master Teacher status. The program begins with an initial face-to-face meeting to discuss challenges, goals, historical pitfalls, and successes.

The Catalyst Mentor then works with the candidates and administrators to develop an approved customized year-long plan built on proven, subject-specific content and supported by timelines, milestones, and evaluation points.

Once the plan and schedule are created, the Mentor and Candidate(s) meet monthly via Zoom Meetings for advanced collaboration sessions. The group or pair work through unique classroom challenges, creation or revision of a syllabus, lesson plan development, project-based learning ideas and implementation, classroom management strategies, engaging activities, assessment techniques, opportunities for motivation, and high-stakes testing preparation.

For coaching your official JSWP OnSite Trainers, who completed the Train-the-Trainer Institute,  on implementing JSWP® with fidelity, we recommend monthly 90-minute webinars to discuss topics, such as coaching strategies; problem-solving teacher interventions; identifying pacing stumbling blocks; and assessing student skill attainment.

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