Expository and Informational Writing Across-the-Curriculum


This guide is used with one of our most popular workshops, Teaching Expository/Informational Writing in English Language Arts and Content-Area Classes. It provides teachers with an overview of the Jane Schaffer Writing Program®, its terminology and philosophy, and applying the methodology to body paragraph models in the four core subjects: English, math, social studies, and science.In addition, writing prompts and/or sample paragraphs are included for the core subjects, as well as career and technology, fine arts, physical education, religious studies, and world languages. The guide is divided into three parts: Part I provides teachers and their students with non-text-based writing - "writing about what you know;" Part II provides teachers and their students with an understanding of summarizing, including finding the main idea and evaluating evidence (concrete details); Part III instructs teachers and their students in text-based writing skills, including citing evidence (concrete details) through embedded quotations from primary and secondary resources.