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Train-the-Trainer Institute: Opinion Writing


Trainees will learn how to train their teachers to teach opinion writing, using the official Jane Schaffer® terminology, color-coding, chunking techniques, ratios and graphic organizers in a step-by-step process. Trainees will come to master 1) how to implement the training to adult learners, 2) what to anticipate with regard to questions; 3) when and how to pace the training segments; and 4) how to assess teacher performance and student responses. Trainees receive Dr. Louis’ PowerPoint® presentation, a trainer’s manual and pacing plan, as well as the trainer’s pen set and promotional products. 

This institute prepares trainees to instruct grade K-5 teachers how to prepare young writers for argumentative writing by writing opinion papers using the JSWP methodology. You will learn how to model to teachers a sound way to instruct young students to choose a topic and write their point of view following a structure that supports their opinion with concrete details and commentary, convincing their audience of their way of thinking. This Train-the-Trainer session opens the door to the very beginning level of argumentation writing to be taught to teachers so they can prepare their students for future writing.

Subject Area Participants: English Language Arts and Reading, Science, Social Studies

Grade Level(s): K-5

Date(s): February 7 – 10, 2022

Time: 9:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.(CT)

Location: Online; Live; Synchronous

Deadline to Register: February 1, 2022

Price: Varies

  • Lead OnSite Trainer
    • This person is registering for all four modes of discourse: Argumentation, Expository, Narrative, and Response to Literature.
    • The discounted price for all four modules is $7,500.
  • Additional OnSite Trainer with a Specialty
    • This person supports an existing Lead OnSite Trainer.
    • S/he is registering for one or more specific modes of discourse: Argumentation, Expository, Narrative, and/or Response to Literature.
    • The discounted price is $995 per module.
  • Single Specialty OnSite Trainer
    • This person does not have a Lead OnSite Trainer on campus or in the district.
    • S/he only wants to take 1-3 particular modes of discourse: Argumentation, Expository, Narrative, and/or Response to Literature.
    • The price is $2,500 per module.

Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, Business Checks Accepted.

Participant : 1