This training instructs English language arts and reading teachers, science teachers, and social studies teachers how to use the Jane Schaffer® method of academic writing to teach students to write strong arguments. Argumentative writing is a way to convince people to think differently. In this module, you will learn how to teach four argumentation layouts to provide differentiated instruction for On-Level, SPED, ELL, G/T, Honors, and AP®/IB students with a special section on the ACT® to help students write strong argumentative pieces at their level of understanding. 

Educators will gain an insight on how writers create a unique voice and style to compose noble arguments by drawing on concrete details and elaborating through insightful commentary to voice their position and to get their reasoning across to others. Topics include elements of argumentation, such as: 1) concession, counterargument, refutation; 2) audience, purpose, and occasion; and 3) Aristotle’s ethos, logos, and pathos, artistic proofs. Participants will learn the unique method of  Jane Schaffer® writing, its terminology, color-coding, and thought-provoking graphic organizers, which will successfully guide writers through the argumentative writing process.

Subject Area Participants: Advanced Academics, English Language Arts and Reading, Learning Support, Science, Social Studies

Grade Level(s): 6-12