Close Reading

Let’s face it; tests are always changing, and those changes make our heads spin. But the fact remains (and we all know this) that close reading and academic writing skills help students to become academically and culturally sound.

The day begins with a training of the Jane Schaffer Academic Writing (JSWP) methodology, including correct and official instructional delivery and student application of terminology, color-coding, chunking, and ratios. With the foundation intact, teachers learn and practice how to train students to approach the multiple-choice passages of the EOC through our color-coding of literary and nonfiction passages.

Topics for the reading section include strategies and activities pertaining to denotation, connotation, and tone; multiple-choice reading stems; annotating texts using the JSWP color-coding; creating a dialectical journal; vertical approaches to reading; and questioning strategies, to name just a few.

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