Self-Paced PD: Teaching Narrative (K-8)


Sometimes, campuses and districts need flexibility in budgeting and scheduling their staff’s professional development hours.

This “flipped” form of PD allows your school or district to have a 7.5 hour workshop at a lower cost than a brick-n-mortar training and in a variety of formats: 1) Professional Learning Communities (PLC); 2) Departments; 3) Vertical Teams; and/or 4) Individual Teachers — during conference periods or before/after contract hours.

The course subscription is $2,500 for up to 50 teachers. The guide for each teacher is $59.95. For large districts, this is a big cost-saver. If you have 50 teachers, the price translates to $99.95 per teacher for 7.5 hours of PD that may be viewed, reviewed, and discussed over 90 days.

To Register:

Please add the course and the number of guides you will need to the cart. A code will be emailed to you for you to give each teacher whom you would like to register for the professional development.


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Teachers may view and review the segments for optimum learning. And because each teacher will have his/her own course, s/he may present portions of the videos to students.

The Teaching Narrative Self-Paced PD is for teachers in grades K-8. You may have up to 50 teachers for $2,500. After 50 teachers, simply add $25 per teacher. We also discount our regular price for teacher materials and master copies.

PLUS — included in the 90-day subscription is a one-hour Q&A session with Dr. Louis during the 90-day subscription. Contact Dr. Louis to set up the time, and one week before the session, teachers may submit questions for Dr. Louis to answer during the webinar.

Subscription: 90-days from the date of delivery. Please specify in your P.O. when you would like your 90 days to commence.