School Leadership

A school will boast successful student writers and skilled teachers of writing when a well-defined school action plan is articulated, implemented and monitored. JSWP® provides the guidance, support and consultation for successful JSWP® program implementation.

JSWP® leadership consultancy will provide the following to ensure successful program implementation with fidelity:

  • Assistance with an action plan designed to meet the unique needs of individual schools;
  • Guidance in the design and development for teacher feedback systems to ensure programmatic fidelity;
  • Support in programmatic assessment to (formative, summative, state) demonstrate and monitor program successes;
  • Consultation to formulate the embedding of JSWP® within the school with school-based trainers and expertise.
  • Instructional assistance with academic writing for beginning teachers

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Services Offered

  • Assessment Design, Implementation and Data Collection
  • Strategic Plan Design and Implementation
  • Consultation of Change Process and Innovation Implementation
  • Monthly Leadership Support Webinars
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Literary Units of Study to assist in ELA classroom instruction by non specific ELA teachers (ie. long term substitute teacher)
  • JSWP Parent – School Support Programs