School Leadership

A school will boast successful student writers and skilled teachers of writing when a well-defined school action plan is articulated, implemented and monitored, JSWP provides the guidance, support and consultation for successful JSWP program implementation.

JSWP leadership consultancy will provide the following to ensure successful JSWP implementation with program fidelity:

  • Assistance with an action plan designed to meet the unique needs of individual schools;
  • Guidance in the design and development for teacher feedback systems to ensure programmatic fidelity;
  • Support in programmatic assessment to (formative, summative, state) demonstrate and monitor program successes;
  • Consultation to formulate the embedding of JSWP within the school with school-based trainers and expertise.
  • Instructional assistance in with the instruction of academic writing for beginning teachers

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Services Offered

  • Assessment Design, Implementation and Data Collection
  • Strategic Plan Design and Implementation
  • Consultation of Change Process and Innovation Implementation
  • Monthly Leadership Support Webinars
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Literary Units of Study to assist in ELA classroom instruction by non specific ELA teachers (ie. long term substitute teacher)
  • JSWP Parent – School Support Programs