How long are we required to print out final drafts in color?

Dear Dr. D',

With printer ink costs and printer problems, for how long are we required to print out final drafts in color? 

I very rarely ask students to print their final drafts in color.  In fact, I can’t remember a time when I have done that.  I always provide them with a full-blown model or a collaborative piece we’ve done as a class, printed in color, for them to keep in their notebooks as a resource.  I require them to use color on their prewriting (T-charts and Shaping Sheets), and in the very beginning, when they are learning, I’ll ask them to write out each “Paragraph Form” in color prior to their going to final draft.  As they progress and understand the concepts of effective writing, I’ll have them hand write their first paragraph on the paragraph form in color prior to a one-on-one conference.  From there, however, once I approve where they are going, I’ll tell them to go to final draft in black or blue ink, or they may certainly type the final draft on computer and print it in black. 

For the Pre-AP students in 6-10, they, too, color-code prewriting.  Of course, I focus heavily on prewriting for Pre-AP/AP students because of the timed situation of the test.  For the Advanced Placement juniors and seniors, I allow them to color-code their prewriting during the first semester only as a way to assuage their nerves about deconstructing very difficult texts.  If they have been involved in the program for years, however, they are beyond color-coding.